The Axarquía region is located at the eastern part of Málaga and represents a fascinating mix of inland mountains with the old world of white Arabic villages and the buzzing partly tasteless touristic madhouse of the coast.

The Gadalhorce valley

The Region of the Guadalhorce valley includes following notable towns and villages: Alhaurín de la Torre, Alhaurín el Grande, Almogía, Álora, Cártama, Coín, Pizarra and Valle de Abdalajís. This region [ … ]

Serranía de Ronda

The is probably the most picturesque, romantic and poetic of all the Malaga regions. Apart from local artists of limited significance Ronda also bears a strong connection with Ernst Hemingway [ … ]


This is one of the least known regions of Málaga. It is located on the northeast of Málaga and is squeezed between Córdoba, Granada regions and the Malaga regions of Axarquia [ … ]


If we are talking about Antequera we are talking about the very centre of the whole Andalucia and in some sense, you can say that Antequera represents the very essence of the Andalusian culture and gastronomy.



Guadalteba is the cradle of the region because it was exactly this territory where the first ancient humans 600.000 years ago decided to settle along the banks of the Guadalteba [ … ]

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is really crazy and if you are a normal human being, it is highly probable that you will dislike it more than like. On the coast, it is a continuous chain of tasteless blockhouses built in the chaotic building fever of the past.

Málaga – Costa del sol

Costa del sol maybe be one of the best marketing ideas in the history of tourism. It was not a Spaniard though, maybe not surprisingly, who invented it. It was first used by an Austro-Hungarian diplomat called Rudolf Lussnigg who called Almeria cleverly the city where the sun spends winter.