Ajobacalao (ajocolorao) – salt cod spread

Ajobacalao (also known as ajocolorao) is one of the most original recipes from Málaga and there is nothing better you can spread on a toasted bread than this. It originally comes from the Costa...

Salt cod omelettes

This easy recipe which in the past was also a cheap one because of the low price of the saltcod has always been linked to the rather poor people of the sea although these days this fish has skipped,

Anchovies in Vinegar

The origin of this recipe is truly ancient. The art of preserving food in brine is as old as the oldest cultures in the Spanish peninsula...

Malagan salad

It is difficult to find a recipe more Mediterranean than this one. Certainly, the most popular summer salad in Malaga, prepared in tens of variations and know under many different, often bizarre, name

Pickled fried anchovies (escabeche)

This is a traditional, very clever way of preserving redundant, fried fish, in this case, anchovies. I come from middle Europe and we have exactly the same way of preserving fish, albeit anchovy is us

Roasted hake with tomatoes and potatoes

This is not an exclusively local malagan recipe, rather a public Spanish one or even a universal Mediterranean one. The beautifully rich sauce thickened by the tomatoes and the gelatinous juices from

Anchovy casserole

Anchovies, lemon, garlic, oil and parsley. The eternal set of magic ingredients which incredibly always comes with new surprising combinations. This is the easiest way to cook in a true malagan ...

Gazpachuelo – white fish soup

If this soup does not convince you about the originality of malagan cuisine, then nothing will. The recipe has both its coastal and inland variation but it is the fish and seafood version...