Malagan salad

It is difficult to find a recipe more Mediterranean than this one. Certainly, the most popular summer salad in Malaga, prepared in tens of variations and know under many different, often bizarre, name

Fried peppers

One of the most iconic recipes of Spanish cuisine and maybe also one of the most "emperor is naked" one. The fried peppers are present in many dishes as a perfect garnish of fish and meat as well as i

Gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns)

This a lovely, extremely simple recipe, which most of the places not only in Málaga get wrong by overcooking the prawns. There is a formula 1 changing tyres situation after the dish is done because it

Anchovy casserole

Anchovies, lemon, garlic, oil and parsley. The eternal set of magic ingredients which incredibly always comes with new surprising combinations. This is the easiest way to cook in a true malagan ...

Smooth clams al pil pil

The smooth clams are the most iconic shellfish from Málaga. It is nowhere in the world as popular as on the malagan coast and it is mainly in the malagan waters where the smooth clams are harvested.

Gazpachuelo – white fish soup

If this soup does not convince you about the originality of malagan cuisine, then nothing will. The recipe has both its coastal and inland variation but it is the fish and seafood version...