Scrambled eggs with asparagus

Scrambled eggs with asparagus

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200 g asparagus (wild or cultivated)
3 eggs
2 slices bread (pan cateto)
50 ml extra virgin olive oil

There are two kinds of asparagus you can get in one of the Malaga markets. The first one is the cultivated one, it is usually much thicker and more uniform, the second one is wild and you can get it only very rarely in the season (usually between autumn and winter months). It is this wild type which is typically used in this recipe although you can achieve good results with the cultivated one.

There is a little bit of an overestimation of scrambled eggs in Spain in general so be prepared to hear scrambled eggs and roasted wild sea bass in the same sentence describing the best of Spanish food and there are even restaurants with scrambled eggs as their signature dish and I do not mean the fancy french 63°C scrambled eggs made in a chemistry laboratory but totally mean messy scrambled eggs.



  • Wash the asparagus well.

    Cut off the hard wooden part of the asparagus. There is a small trick to find out the best spot to cut off the inedible part – try to bend the asparagus from the bottom and where the stem bends without breaking the soft edible part beginns.

    Cut into 3 pieces of the same length.


  • Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the sliced garlic and salt and before it gets brown add the asparagus and saute with the garlic (time depends on the thickness – the wild asparagus takes 5 minutes, the thick cultivated one may take 10 or more minutes to get soft and may require adding water – just try it with a fork – if the fork goes in easily, the asparagus is ready to eat).


  • In a separate skillet heat olive oil and fry the slices of bread from both sides until golden.


  • Beat the eggs vigorously and well so that you have a foam on the surface.


  • Lower the heat under the asparagus and add the eggs. Stir gently on a very low heat so that slowly a creamy dish is obtained. Check the salt and add more if needed.


  • Serve garnished with the fried bread.