Kid goat with almond sauce

There are various ways of thickening a sauce. The part of the world I come from the most popular thickener is white flour or grated potatoes and to be honest I have never fallen in love with either..

Malagan salad

It is difficult to find a recipe more Mediterranean than this one. Certainly, the most popular summer salad in Malaga, prepared in tens of variations and know under many different, often bizarre, name

Pickled fried anchovies (escabeche)

This is a traditional, very clever way of preserving redundant, fried fish, in this case, anchovies. I come from middle Europe and we have exactly the same way of preserving fish, albeit anchovy is us

Roasted hake with tomatoes and potatoes

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This is not an exclusively local malagan recipe, rather a public Spanish one or even a universal Mediterranean one. The beautifully rich sauce thickened by the tomatoes and the gelatinous juices from

Salchichon croquettes

Bechamel croquettes are absolutely loved by all locals. Sometimes I wonder if the immense popularity of the fried croquettes is not a little bit exaggerated but I have to admit they have its own..

Salt cod omelettes

This easy recipe which in the past was also a cheap one because of the low price of the saltcod has always been linked to the rather poor people of the sea although these days this fish has skipped,

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic

It was really surprising for me when I first learnt the important role of mushrooms in malagan cuisine. Coming from the mushrooms paradise myself where 90% per cent of adults spend their free time

Scrambled eggs with asparagus

There are two kinds of asparagus you can get in one of the Malaga markets. The first one is the cultivated one, it is usually much thicker and more uniform, the second one is wild and you can get it..

Smooth clams al pil pil

The smooth clams are the most iconic shellfish from Málaga. It is nowhere in the world as popular as on the malagan coast and it is mainly in the malagan waters where the smooth clams are harvested.